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White Paint application

We offer professional paint application that is   environmentally friendly, cost effective and high quality.

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Board Cleaning

Our service removes marks left on the boards from regular use. Our service is quick and effective and can be completed within one visit.

  • All products used for cleaning boards are environmentally friendly

  • Board cleaning machine is propane powered and emissions tested

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Cloth/Painted Line Application

Using Cotton cloth or paint our team can come in and lay out lines and dots for Hockey, Rinqette, and Curling

  • We also offer cloth line kits for self-application.

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Custom Center Ice Logo Application

We are able to use existing stencils you may have onsite. We are also able create custom stencils for any team or sponsor logos that you need applied

Please be advised: Additional ventilation may be required during work ordered

  • Additional staff is not required from your facility although, after completion of work ordered, it is the arena's responsibility for any additional cleanup that may be required to prepare facility for public use.

For all questions or price inquiries please contact us using the information provided on this webpage.

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